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UC Data Warehouse

The University Data Warehouse is a database containing a large portion of the data found in UniverSIS. Its primarily function is to retrieve large amounts of data and to create reports. We currently support two data retrieval and reporting tools – BI Query Update and BI Web.  Both require a BI Account.

BI Account: BI Query Update and BI Web

A BI Account allows the use of both BI Query Update and BI Web to access the University Data Warehouse. Both are used for producing standard reports and also in creating and running ad-hoc queries and reports. 

  • BI Query is a full desktop client.
  • BI Web is accessed through your Internet Explorer Web browser. 

In general, more active BI users tend to prefer BI Query Update versus BI Web. Both require a Data Warehouse account to use.

Maintenance Fee

A maintenance fee of $12.25 per month is charged for every BI Account.

Applying for a BI Account

Use the GetIT site to apply for a new BI Account by choosing the ADD option.  There is an approval process involved, so it may take a few days before an account is ready.  Once an account is created the department of the new account holder will start being charged the monthly maintenance fee. 

Note: In the past a department had a set amount of BI accounts that they could use, now a department may use as many as they wish.

Removing a BI Account

Use GetIT to remove a BI Account.  Once removed the maintenance fee will no longer be charged to a department.

Applying for a Data Warehouse Account Only

There are a few cases where an employee will need access to the Data Warehouse, but won't be using a BI Account.  Permission of the database owner is required. To gain permission, fill out the Student Data Retrieval Application, send it to the Registrar at mail location 0060.

For any questions please contact Steve Sharpshair at 556-9379.

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Case Senstivity

The DB2 database system requires that all qualification values match the case of the value as it is stored in the database.

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BI Installation

For BI Query installation instructions. Please contact:

Steve Sharpshair

  • University of Cincinnati Information Technologies
  • 400 University Hall
  • P.O. Box 210658
  • Cincinnati, OH 45221