Data Storage & Servers

File and Print Services

UCIT’s File and Print Sharing Service provides access to data files over the network from on campus or via VPN to home directories (P: drive) and departmental shares (S: drive). The Central File Service is supported by an EMC Celerra NS-480 Enterprise-class Unified Storage System with full support for Microsoft Windows File Sharing (CIFS) allowing Windows clients to share files. Departments receive 150 MB of quota space per user account allocated for home directories and departmental share. Additional storage space can be requested at a cost of $0.23 GB per month. 

Features and benefits

UCIT File and Print Sharing Service offers many benefits:

  • The sharing of data files and departmental printers
  • Account and access management
  • Automated backups performed on data files
  • Ability to restore accidently deleted files and folders
  • Centralized drint driver management
  • High availability

Service Details

UCIT supports the Central File and Print Server environment on a 24/7 basis. The EMC Celerra NS-480 Enterprise-class Unified Storage System and the W2K8 Print Server is located in UCIT’s Data Center located at G95 Medical Services Building on the East Campus is a secure facility. There are eleven (11) video surveillance cameras recording the movements in the facility and access requires a card-key (ID badge). Automated software monitors the environment to ensure favorable conditions for IT equipment. The temperature, humidity, power [including two (2) enterprise UPS units], fire detection and suppression (Halon/dry pipe) equipment, and data network service (i.e., a university primary node room) are closely monitored and make the location ideal for IT equipment. The UCIT Central File and Print Servers are backed up by the UCIT Enterprise Backup Service.


University of Cincinnati colleges and departments are eligible to contract with UCIT for File and Print Services.

Areas of Responsibilities

UCIT and client responsibilities will be clearly defined in a Service Level Agreement upon engagement

UCIT/Enterprise Systems & Administration responsibilities:

  • We will assume all responsibilities pertaining to the hardware and NOS of the servers.
  • UCIT will assume all costs associated with NOS and server hardware upgrades.
  • UCIT will provide storage management.
  • All hardware and NOS upgrades or maintenance will be done off peak business hours where possible.
  • Notification will be sent to all departmental heads at least 24 hours in advance of maintenance shut downs.
  • UCIT will perform all users and shared data backups on a daily basis, and retain a monthly archive of this information for six months.
  • Backup tapes are stored off site in a controlled environment. 

The following applies if a local (Departmental) administrator exists:

  • An account will be provided with administrative access for departmental users and disk space.
  • The following applies if a local administrator does not exist.
  • UCIT will provide user management via support call to the UCIT Help Desk.
  • Provide a server uptime availability of 99%.
    * This does not include UC Network issues.
    All User will have a “personal” area (P: Drive) on the server for documentation storage.
    * Only the individual user has access to this area.
  • All departments will have a “shared” area (S: Drive) on the server for departmental documentation.
  • Everyone in the department will have full access to this area.

Client responsibilities: 

  • Provide UCIT ESA with a primary contact for department.
  • Provide printing devices and network connectivity.
  • Customers must adhere to all UC policy relating to appropriate use of data.

Fixed Monthly Rates

UCIT has developed a charge based on equipment, storage, backup and staff utilized to support the environment. This monthly charge is to help UCIT defer the cost of maintaining and upgrading the File and Print Infrastructure.

Individual Rate

$3.81 per/account
*up to 100 accounts including maintenance\support and 150 MB disk per user account.

Volume Rate

$.23 per GB disk storage
$370.45 - Monthly Maintenance\support Fee UCIT File Share
$.07 – Backup Storage Costs UCIT File Share
$74.09 - One time Printer Setup Fee (per printer)

UCIT is known for providing excellent service and support to its current customers and is looking forward to extending their services throughout campus. Please contact UCIT to determine your Central File and Print requirements. To request service please contact the UCIT Enterprise Systems Administration group at

  • University of Cincinnati Information Technologies
  • 400 University Hall
  • P.O. Box 210658
  • Cincinnati, OH 45221