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Virtual Server Service

The UCIT server hosting strategy is to offer managed virtual servers instead of hosting or managing physical servers. Virtual server hosting allows a single physical server to be partitioned into multiple “virtual machine” (VM) servers, each with the appearance and capabilities of running as a physically dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own operating system (Windows or Linux), is assigned its own hostname and may be independently administered, configured and rebooted without impact on other virtual servers.  

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Features and benefits

  • Virtual servers typically have a lower total cost of ownership than physical servers hosted in UCIT data centers.
  • Virtual servers use less power and cooling, support University sustainability goals and improve resource utilization in the data center.
  • Virtual servers should be less affected by hardware failures and maintenance requirements.
  • Provisioning a virtual server is much faster than provisioning a physical server.

Not all applications are well-suited for virtualization.

  • Some computation and/or transaction intensive applications are not appropriate for virtualization.
  • Large database servers or data warehouse applications may not be appropriate for virtualization.
  • Vendor products that are not certified to run on VMware may not be appropriate for virtualization. 
  • Some applications require resources beyond the limits of the offered virtual server sizes. UCIT can assist in reviewing a particular application or service and determining if it is suitable for virtualization.


University of Cincinnati colleges and departments are eligible to contract with UCIT for virtual servers.

Service details

UCIT supports the Virtual Server hardware environment on a 24/7 basis. Base System Support Service includes the following: (Install, configure, OS\Patch update, virus protection, security, backup, performance tuning, monitoring and response of the VM guest server). Virtual servers are hosted in secure UCIT data centers with UPS-backed power. Virtual servers will be located on firewall-protected subnets. Virtual servers are backed up by the UCIT Enterprise Backup service.

Service Requests

New Virtual Server Hosting requests including changes to resources (RAM, CPU, and Disk) or support level changes to existing virtual servers are to be submitted via the Virtual Server Hosting request process. This process and form can be found on the Virtual Server Hosting Service Catalog page.

Areas of Responsibilities

UCIT and client responsibilities will be clearly defined in a Service Level Agreement upon engaging in a hosted UCIT Virtual Server Service.

UCIT responsibilities:

  • Virtualization environment installation and management 
  • Hardware installation and management 
  • Operating system support and installation

Client responsibilities

  • Software license management
  • Application support

UCIT Supported operating systems

  • W2K3, W2K8 Enterprise (32 and 64 bit)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (32 and 64 bit)

Rates (FY 2014)

UCIT is known for providing excellent service and support to its current customers and is looking forward to extending their services throughout campus. Please contact UCIT Help Desk 556-HELP to determine your virtual server sizing and support requirements.

Virtual server sizes: UCIT offers virtual servers in three sizes. Each size can use up to the specified resource levels.

  Server Size 
  Includes up to: 
  Annual charge 

2 CPUs
50 GB usable storage**


2 CPUs
50 GB usable storage**


4 CPUs
50 GB usable storage***


* Additional memory charge ($76.80 annual charge per each additional 1 GB)

**Additional CPU charge ($76.80 annual charge per each additional CPU)

***Additional storage is available in 1 GB increments:

  • $.23 monthly charge per each additional GB ATA storage
  • $.40 monthly charge per each additional GB Fiber Channel storage

Operating System Fees:

  • W2K3, W2K8 Enterprise (32 and 64 bit) – Covered under current UC Microsoft agreement.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (32 and 64 bit) – Client is responsible for purchasing and maintaining SUSE license.

Operating system support:

Please contact the ESA group at to verify supported operating systems.

Support Level Includes Charge


24/7 base operating system support (install, configure, OS/Patch update, virus protection, security, backup, performance tuning, monitoring and response)

$296.36 per month

$3556.32 annual

Rate examples

A departmental file server might require a ‘Base’ level virtual server (2 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB Storage) with 50 GB of additional FC usable storage, W2K8 Enterprise and Base system administration support. 

Total annual charges for this server would be $4337.40

Base virtual server..................$541.08
Base system administration......$3556.32
50 GB FC additional storage.....$240.00

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