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Adobe Acrobat Professional Software

Employees of the University of Cincinnati are pre-licensed for this software product.

You are authorized to download this software from this site below ONLY if you are a current employee of the University of Cincinnati. Once downloaded, this software and the associated Serial Number may ONLY be installed on University-owned or University-leased computers or networks.


We encourage our users to review the following training videos on this software at our site:

Up and Running with Acrobat XI

Acrobat XI: Creating Forms

Building PDFs with Acrobat XI

Up and Running with Acrobat X

Acrobat X: Creating Forms

To assist departmental IT administrators, we encourage them to review the Adobe Admin Guide and Adobe Customization Wizard to assist their departmental colleagues in the installation of the software. There are also instructions for installation of the software after you have downloaded it - one set of instructions for MAC versions and one set of instructions for Windows versions.

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