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UC renews the Campus Agreement Contract

Office 2010 Professional Plus (Enterprise Edition), Office 2011 for the Mac (Standard Edition), Windows 7 (Enterprise Edition), and Windows 7 Ultimate continue to be available at the UC Bookstore.

The University of Cincinnati has renewed its Campus Agreement (now called EES) contract with the Microsoft Corporation, through June 30, 2013. Highlights of the new agreement are as follows:

  1. The University will continue to pre-license all registered students, and all faculty and staff employees, for the following product  suite: (a) The Office Suite for Windows and Mac  (b) The Windows Operating System upgrades (c) Core Client Access License: Includes Client Access Licenses for: Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePont Portal Server, Microsoft Systems Management Server and Microsoft Windows Server.
  2. Software distributions will continue through the UC Bookstores. Media costs are similar to current charges. New piracy language prevents loaning out software products that require a product key.
  3. Faculty and Staff Licensing Rights on a University-owned Computer: Current Faculty and Staff employees of the University of Cincinnati are eligible to license, buy media, install, use, or otherwise access the software included in the Campus Agreement between UC and the Microsoft Corporation. Eligibility is verifiable through the HR employee data base which is updated daily. To license the software for use in the office, employees must sign and keep a copy of the Faculty/Staff Request Form for the Licensing of Microsoft Software.
  4. Work at Home Rights for Faculty and Staff: To exercise WAHR rights and to install and use the software at home, these users will be required to sign the Microsoft Campus Agreement Work at Home Acceptance Form for UC Faculty and Staff. Among other things, this form informs faculty and staff users that:
    UC is ordering the right for you to use the Software for Campus-related purposes at home under its Microsoft Campus Subscription Enrollment. You are not licensed to use the Software at home for personal purposes. You do not own the license; rather you are authorized to use the Software and associated media pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Campus Agreement during the licensed period ending June 30, 2011. You will be required to remove the Software from your home machine immediately upon expiration of the licensed period or earlier if your employment by UC ends.
  5. Student Licensing Rights: To install and use the software on their home machines, all registered UC students will be asked to sign the Microsoft Campus Agreement Subscription Acceptance Form for Registered UC Students. This form will inform UC students that: UC is extending to you the right to use the Software on a personally-owned computer or an institution-owned computer designated for your exclusive use. You do not own the license; rather you are authorized to use the Software and associated media pursuant to the terms and conditions of the license(s) granted to UC for the term of UC’s Campus Agreement Subscription. You will be required to remove the Software from your personal machine immediately upon the earlier of (a) any event, with the exception of graduation, which causes you no longer to be a student of the University of Cincinnati or (b) expiration of the Campus Agreement Subscription term. Upon graduating from UC, students will own the software.
  6. Software Media: Only so-called Student Media will be distributed to students as well as to faculty and staff who want to exercise Work at Home Rights. UC cannot duplicate media for Student or faculty/staff Work at Home use. The Bookstore has to buy such media from the contract reseller.
  7. Other Microsoft Software, including Server Products: Departments, faculty and staff (but not students) that need to license and buy all other Microsoft products not included in the pre-licensed suite (listed in (1) above) will be able to order these products under a Select Contract that accompanies our Campus licensing agreement. The Select Contract is a three-year agreement that allows the University to buy these products at substantial discounts to the Estimated Academic Retail Price.
  8. The reseller for the Select Contract is Software House International, a privately held company located in New Jersey. For more information, please access the company website.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this contract, please contact Amin Shafie at 556-9001.

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