Software & Hardware

Obtaining a License


Students:  Please follow these steps to obtain a license and software:

  1. Access and read the student Microsoft Campus Agreement Subscription Acceptance Form for Registered UC Students.
  2. Access and read the Product Use Rights.
  3. Print the Microsoft Campus Agreement Subscription Acceptance Form for Registered UC Students. Do not print the Product Use Rights document.
  4. Complete and sign the printed Microsoft Campus Agreement. Enter only the last four digits of your student identification number.
  5. Take the signed Microsoft Campus Agreement to the UC Bookstores. Your current status as an eligible and enrolled UC student will be verified. The signed Microsoft Campus Agreement will be taken from you for record keeping by the University. Please note that you only need to sign once during your tenure at the University of Cincinnati.
  6. Purchase student media at the UC Bookstore.

Faculty and Staff: Please follow these steps to obtain a license and software (especially to exercise your home-use rights):

  1. Access, read, and print the Faculty and Staff Software Request Form.
  2. Complete and sign the form, if you understand and agree with the terms. As a faculty or staff member, you do not own a license for Microsoft software under this agreement. Your license to access, use or install the software is owned by the University of Cincinnati. But you may install and use the software on your computer at work and also on one computer at home. At the end of the contract period or when your employment at UC ends, you agree to stop using the software and to delete it from your home computer's RAM and hard disk. You also agree not to copy or transfer software.
  3. Take the signed form to the UC Bookstores. Your employment status will be verified and the form will be taken for record keeping.
  4. Purchase the media from the Bookstore.

Departments: Departments are already licensed to install the software on all UC-owned or UC-leased systems. They may purchase media at the Bookstore Computer Shop. When requesting the software, please identify yourself as requesting the software for your department. This option is recommended for site coordinators, technical implementers, LAN and system administrators and others who may be installing software on workstations in their department. Such personnel are not authorized to distribute media to colleagues in their departments for home use. Home use requires the signing of the Microsoft Campus Agreement Work at Home Acceptance Form for UC Faculty and Staff.

Departmental KMS Activation for Windows Vista & 7, Server 2008, and Office 2010:
Two options are available at UC for activating the volume license bits of Windows Vista & 7, Server 2008, and Office 2010:

  • The preferred activation method for machines joining Active Directory is to use the Key Management Service (KMS) server for activation. Machines not joining Active Directory can also use KMS. For KMS instructions click here.
  • The alternate method for activating Windows Vista Enterprise Edition or Windows 7 is to obtain a Multiple Activation Key (MAK). The MAK will either be supplied with the media or can be obtained by contacting the UCIT Help Desk at or 513-556-4357.


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