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Read&Write software solutions help individuals struggling with reading and writing, those with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, or English Language Learners.  These readers and writers face challenges every day that often seem insurmountable. Read&Write ensures that everyone has the literacy support they need to reach their potential and achieve independence - Anywhere, Anytime.

Download Read&Write Gold for Windows

Instructions for installing Read&Write Gold for Windows

Download Read&Write Gold for Mac

Instructions for installing Read&Write Gold for Mac

Help Document for Read&Write 

Quick Reference Guide 

Download Additional Voices

Testmaker is a tool that allows teachers to quickly convert a Microsoft® Word file into a quiz. Displayed as a toolbar in Word, Testmaker creates secure (not editable) tests. Answers, which are editable, may be recorded via multiple choice, true/false, and text fields for short answer and essays.

Note: The TestMaker is currently only supported on 32bit operating systems.

Download TestMaker 


Additional Downloads:

The "Fact Mapper" feature available on the Read&Write toolbar contains an extensive image library for use when creating fact maps.
You may also add your own images using the "Fact Mapper Image Uploader Tool". Images uploaded using this tool will be available for use by all copies of Read&Write running within your site. To find out more please refer to the Fact Mapper Image Uploader Help File.
You can download a copy of the Fact Mapper Image Uploader Tool via the link below.

Download Fact Mapper Image Uploader 


Convert electronic books created in the NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) widely used in the United States into html web pages. Once converted these pages can then be read using Read&Write's web reading features. The NIMAS conversion tool is available via the link below. Download and extract the file and run NimasSetup.exe The NIMAS conversion tool will be extracted to your local machine.

Download NIMAS Conversion Tool 


PDF Accessibility Editor, is a unique tool used to set and control the precise reading flow (order) of text and graphics contained in PDF files. This includes control over the finest of details such as reading the caption for an illustration, correct pronunciation of math equations, and excluding headers/footers from the reading order.

It can also be used to convert your PDF file into a fully functioning talking flash book.

Note: The PDF Accessibility Editor is currently only supported on Adobe Acrobat version 10 and below.

Download PDF Accessibility Editor

PDF Accessibility Editor Help File 


Provided you have a copy of Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed on your machine, PDF Aloud will get installed along with your Read&Write software. If however you install your Adobe software after Read&Write or upgrade to a newer version you will need to install PDF Aloud separately. To install PDF Aloud download, extract and run the PDF Aloud installer via the link below.

Download PDF Aloud Installer 

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