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Charitable Giving Campaigns


The University is committed to creating a vibrant campus community, while also participating fully with the people of our Uptown neighborhood, Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

Governmental Relations and University Communications facilitates UC's two external community campaigns, United Way/Community Shares and ArtsWave, and collaborates with Hoxworth Blood Center to ensure successful campus blood drives.

FY15 Challenges

United Way/Community Shares Campaign: Our goal is raise $275,000 with 17% participation.

FY14 Successes

United Way/Community Shares Campaign: UC raised $275,278.32 from more than 1,100 donors.  The UC campaign reached 17% participation, which surpassed our campaign goal of 15% and the 2019 Strategic Plan goal of 15%.The UC Health United Way campaign has raised approximately $377,000, giving us a combined impact of more than $635,000, which will enhance our ranking among United Way’s Top 25 Corporations from 18th to 17th.

ArtsWave Campaign: UC raised $86,882 from more than 1,000 donors. The UC campaign reached 14% participation, which surpassed our campaign goal of 12% and the 2019 Strategic Plan goal of 10%. UC worked with UC Health to secure their new support of the ArtsWave Campaign.  The combined support of UC Health and the University of Cincinnati has propelled our giving to the ArtsWave Partner Level of $100,000.  At this level, we join 20 of the largest and most successful companies and organizations that believe the arts are an important community asset and support the ArtsWave campaign at the highest level. 

Hoxworth Blood Drive Campaign: Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati, reports that its  All-Campus winter blood drive was a record-breaking success, registering 1,613 donors. It was the largest mobile blood drive held in Hoxworth's 75-year history. The blood drive registered 1,613 individuals and collected 1,243 life-saving blood products, enough to save more than 3,729 lives in the Tristate. The drive also recruited 439 first-time donors, reports Alecia Lipton, Hoxworth's community relations manager.  The All-Campus fall blood drive was the previous record-breaking drive for the university, with 1,513 registered donors.