University Communications

University Communications

Some Communication Guidance

Some Communications Guidance


1.       Communication is not your goal.

    a.       Communication can help you reach your goal.

    b.      Your goal is either awareness, motivation/action or both.


2.       Information is not communication.

    a.       Information is content.

    b.      Communication is a process.


3.       Transmission is not communication.

   a.       You can “get the word out,” but once out, where is it going?

   b.      Reception must be part of the process.


4.       Reception is not communication.

   a.       Reception is incomplete without a feedback loop.

   b.      No one listens all the time.  That’s why multiple channels and message consistency across time matters.


5.       You are truly successful when your audience becomes your transmitter.

   a.       When your audience spreads your message you win.

   b.      Keeping your audience inspired to continually spread your message is your job.


6.       One medium is not communication.

   a.       Communicate via multiple channels.

   b.      A medium determines the content and quality of communication. The medium itself is communication.


7.       Mass media are the most efficient, least effective channel.

   a.       Person-to-person communication is the most effective, least efficient medium.

               i.      Face-to-face is the most effective, least efficient form of person-to-person communication.


8.       Awareness is not motivation.

   a.       Interest and understanding precedes response.

   b.      If your objective is motivation/action, aim beyond awareness.


9.       Make action easy

   a.       Tell people what you want them to do and make it easy for them.


10.   People want information when they want it

   a.       Not when you want them to have it.


11.   You’re always communicating

   a.       Everything says something to someone.

   b.      Your organization’s appearance, service, signage, publications, responsiveness, front desk, volunteers, tone of voice, eye contact – literally everything – communicates something.

   c.       Is everything you are/appear to be communicating the message and image you want?