Media Contact Policy

It is in the interest of the University of Cincinnati to cooperate with the news media to publicize its research, educational programs, people, activities and events.

To facilitate media relations, it is university policy that:

  • All news sent to the news media — and all media outreach — is the responsibility of the Division of Governmental Relations and University Communications. All proactive media relations, pitching and contacts must require the permission, oversight and approval of the Division of Governmental Relations and University Communications.


  • All press releases or formal, proactive media contacts by university employees should be routed through, receive advance permission from, handled by the university public relations office, housed with Governmental Relations and University Communications.

This is important in order to meet the university’s strategic goals; maintain a level of journalistic professionalism in written and broadcast materials; manage media outreach; use consistent criteria for evaluating and prioritizing potential news stories; and achieve optimal and sustained success in obtaining news coverage as well as message consistency.

Having media pitching and media relations on behalf of the university as the purview of Governmental Relations and University Communications, has many benefits. These include the fact that the university is a very large, very complex place. If College A, Unit B and or Office C are all pitching Outlet D, we are effectively competing against ourselves for sometimes scarce real estate in the media environment.

This policy does not restrict the right of any university faculty, administrators or staff to respond to direct inquiries from representatives of the public news media; answer questions on appropriate topics if the employee wishes to; or otherwise interfere with complete personal and academic freedom and individual expression, such as letters to the editor or op-eds.

University Communications has extensive experience in working with the public news media; the ability to target thousands of media in specific fields of interest; and an understanding of changing trends and usage demands in the news media. Its professionals welcome inquiries and contact about possible news stories; how to best respond to media requests; and the monitoring of news coverage. We routinely work with newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online publications, blogs, television and radio.

Some exceptions to this policy are made as appropriate where volume and specialized knowledge/expertise require, such as with CCM events.

Inquiries about other exceptions should be made to the director of public relations, University of Cincinnati.

The University of Cincinnati Division of Governmental Relations and University Communications complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding the retention and release of personal and/or educational records of all current employees and students, and it complies with all privacy and security laws, including FERPA.

More information, including news office contacts, can be found at