How do I embed video in my news release?

What's wrong with the pictures I'm trying to upload with my news release?

  • If the colors in a photo don't look right on a release, use photo editng software (such as PhotoShop) to make sure the uploaded image is in RGB format - NOT in CMYK format.
  • If E-News is not accepting a photo for upload, use photo editing software to check that the photo has the proper dimensions (maximum width and height dimensions are 300px X 375px).
  • To help with placement of photos in a news release, click on the "View Web Release" link at the top right of the preview screen in E-News. This will give you a more accurate idea of how the photos will look when the release is published.

Why isn't my news release showing up on the UC home page?

  • It's possible this is a technical issue. Look at your release to see that you checked the "Display on Main Web Page" box and the date range you provided is accurate.
  • There is room for only three news releases to appear on the UC home page at a time. It's possible that your release was there, but has since been cycled through as more news releases are published.
  • There might have been an editorial decision against putting your release on the UC home page. Not all news releases are fit for this space. Check with your E-News content approvers to see how to better position your news releases for inclusion on the UC home page.

How do I get my news release to appear in the E-Currents newsletter?

  • Your information needs to be about news or events that are relevant to the broader UC community.
  • Keep in mind the E-Currents audience is staff, faculty and administrators - NOT students.
  • Be aware of the E-Currents publishing schedule. The newsletter typically publishes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the academic calendar. During breaks in the calendar (including during the summer), the newsletter will be published on Wednesdays.
  • Check with the E-Currents editor to see how to better position your news releases for inclusion in E-Currents. Send an e-mail to: ecurrent@UCMAIL.UC.EDU