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Analytics: Request Access to Web Stats

What Does "Web Analytics" Mean?

Web analytics is the study of online behavior − the way a visitor reaches your site, the path taken through the site, time spent on each page, etc.

Analytics measure and define the nature of the Web visitor interaction with your site.

UC uses both a "log analyzer" (Urchin) and a "page tag analyzer" (Google Analytics).

Google Analytics (GA)

GA is a free product, but this also means we have no control over what changes are made to the software.

A quick start guide is available to GA users, if you need access to UC's GA, send your request to You will need a valid Google account (usually a gmail account) for logging into the site.

Urchin for UC

Web Communications uses Urchin analytics software.

  • UCIT provides hosting and system administration for Urchin.
  • UC Urchin data remains at UC; log data from is available from 01/01/2007 forward.
  • Data can be viewed using the following browsers:
    • PC - Internet Explorer 6 and above, Firefox 3 and above
    • Mac - Firefox 3 and above
  • Data is on-demand.
    • Data is available at 6 a.m. for the previous day's activity.
    • Static and monthly views can be produced.
  • Date range comparison.
    • Data from two user-defined date ranges can be compared for a single topic or directory, e.g., March 2007 vs. March 2008.

By using a “log analyzer” as opposed to a “page tag analyzer,” the entire website can be tracked, including errors and status codes.

Requesting Access

For security reasons, Urchin is password protected through UC's Central Login.

Steps for gaining access:

  • Request access via e-mail through
  • Please include:
    • Name, 6+2
    • Website on which you would like to report (e.g
    • Web server on which your website is hosted (e.g. or
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