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25Live Event Scheduling System

25Live®, UC’s Event Scheduling System, is a product from CollegeNet, the vendor for UC’s Classroom Scheduling system, Schedule25. 

The 25Live® scheduling, publishing and registration system facilitates and manages the scheduling of classes and events, allowing authorized users to search for and request or book times, venues and resources on the Web. 25Live® also allows you to post any group of classes and/or events to UC’s electronic calendars.

From UC’s Calendar and Event site, select ‘Request an Event,’ and you will be directed to the Schedule an Event home page.

With 25Live®, as a member of the UC community, you can:

  • Monitor the availability of locations and resources.
  • Use Advance search functions to perform, manage and save searches from a broad range of criteria, for classes, events, locations and resources.
  • See class, event, location, and resource details.
  • Schedule or request single or multi-date events with needed location(s) and/or resources.
  • Customize their own user interface and dashboard to facilitate individualized focus on classes, events, locations, resources and reports of particular interest.
  • Have event requests coordinated with required approvers and services providers through an automated workflow process.
  • Be kept informed of the status of event requests through automated email notices.
  • Publish events to Web calendars throughout the UC campus.
  • Access 25Live® training at 25Live® Tutorials. You are encouraged to view this training before using 25Live® to request an event.     

Questions about event scheduling? Contact Conference & Event Services 513-558-1810 ext. 1.