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Event Submission Guidelines

All calendar events must be submitted by a registered calendar administrator. (See Obtaining a Calendar Account.)

Topical Calendars

Events entered by college/unit contacts will appear by default on the appropriate topical calendar.

University Calendar

Those submitting events may request their event appear on the University Calendar (the default view for the University Calendar of Events) if the event meets the following guidelines:

  • Only events associated with UC, its colleges, departments, units and approved programs are eligible for inclusion. Events must be sponsored by an officially-recognized campus department or unit; a registered student group; or a sponsored departmental or campus organization.

  • Calendar submissions should be event-oriented rather than a news or announcement item. Announcements about upcoming events or announcements concerning registrations, applications or enrollments are not appropriate for inclusion. Reminders and other follow-up submissions are not permitted.

  • Events must affect more than just the members of an individual department. For example, a departmental staff meeting is not appropriate while Faculty Senate is appropriate.

  • Each event submission must include an Event Name, Date, Start and End Times, Location, Primary Organization and Requestor. Requestor information must include Name, Phone Number (with area code) and Email Address.

  • Each event submission must include detailed information about the event.

  • Events requiring university-owned facilities will not be posted until use of the facility is approved by the appropriate approver.

  • The event must be in accordance with relevant UC policies and established procedures. Student groups submitting event information must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook.

Event Inclusion on UC Home Page (

Events may also appear on the University of Cincinnati’s home page if the event meets the following criteria:

  • Events must comply with all guidlines specified for inclusion on the University Calendar.

  • Events must be congruent with university initiatives and address/attract both internal and external audiences.

  • Final selections will be based on the most appropriate events for a particular day/time as determined by staff from the Governmental Relations & University Communications division.

  • Each event submission must include ALL of the following: Event Name, complete and full Description of Event, Date, Start and End Times, Location, Primary Organization and Requestor. Additionally, requestor information must include Contact Name, Phone Number (with area code) and Email Address.

The events calendar manager, as directed by the vice president of Governmental Relations & University Communications, reserves the right to delete and/or edit listings if they do not meet the above-mentioned criteria, or if they violate university regulations, local, state or federal law.