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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are the simplest way to get data out of R25 for use with other applications. An RSS feed is a specially-formatted document that contains event information pulled from R25. Feeds are automatically refreshed on a preset interval and can be defined to contain almost any event information scheduled in R25.

The most common use for RSS feeds is in conjunction with the university's content management system (CMS). By referencing an RSS feed (referred to as "consuming" a feed) a department can include a list of upcoming events on their own CMS website or display a calendar specifically tailored to their needs. Some departments have found other uses for the feed, including using the data to populate other event-driven systems such as staff scheduling tools or HVAC operation schedules.

Request an RSS Feed 

To request an RSS feed, visit the UCit Service Request system.

Programming requests may be entered; user and departmental requests may be viewed. A request cannot be tracked unless it is sent through this system.

Requests for RSS calendar feeds or changes to existing feeds takes one week when requested through this system. Turn-around times for other types of requests are dependent on UCIT work load and the difficulty of the request.