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The University Calendar is the official university calendar of events. It is intended to provide complete information about UC events to the campus community and the general public. It will serve as the single source for all university Web calendars.

The University Calendar is generated by software from CollegeNet called Resource 25 (R25), which is used for scheduling facilities as well as for publicizing event information.


By centralizing the calendaring/scheduling process, all university units have access to identical information, streamlining information flow and ensuring consistent content.

Web visitors have one easy access point to information about all UC events. Visitors may search for event information or browse events using a variety of views and calendars.

Standards for Entering Calendar Data for Non Academic Events

To ensure ease-of-use and consistency among calendar entries, calendar administrators must use the following calendar standards for data entry.

Event Name

This is the name that will appear on the Web University Calendar, so it must be descriptive, yet no more than 40 characters. Remember, the calendar will be used by people outside of the University of Cincinnati – the general public. These Web visitors aren’t familiar with our unique acronyms and naming conventions. Be user-friendly!

The Event Name is used in the Search function, so it’s critical you use words which people will likely include in their keyword search. For instance, if the event includes a well-known speaker, be sure speaker’s name is within Event Name description (minimally, the last name).

For additional information, use the "Description" field. This information will show up on the detail screen when a visitor clicks on the Event Name link on the calendar.

Type of Event

Select from the drop-down menu.


Use the Description area for additional information and details about the event. This information will show up on the detail screen when a visitor clicks on the Event Name link on the calendar.

Use the following conventions for phone numbers, dates, times and common words:

  • 513-556-1000 (use hyphens, not periods or parentheses)
  • Web (always capitalized)
  • website (one word)
  • University of Cincinnati
  • UC

Use the UC Stylebook to find consistent solutions for spelling, grammar, etc., when communicating about UC.

If the event is held off-campus, add the location in the description area.

Event URL

Whenever possible, include a Web address for further information.