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Web Templates

Web templates make it easier for you to concentrate on content, rather than design. These UC templates are accessible and also comply with the university's Web and Branding Standards. Be sure to read these policies and standards.

Before you Begin: the Value of Planning

  • Don't begin working on your website until you've planned the structure, navigation, organization and content and of your site. Remember, a site that's easy to use requires very little thinking to use — everything is intuitive.
  • Plan your content with your audience in mind. Think about who uses your site and what information they need. Keep the site structure as simple as possible.
  • Once you've created a first draft of content and link names, have someone who's unfamiliar with your organization look it over. If everything is not clear, change it to suit your audience.
  • Be sure to spellcheck and proofread!

Skills Required to Use the Templates

Using these templates requires some knowledge of HTML. A WYSIWYG Web design program will be helpful. (Adobe Dreamweaver is suggested. It is available to UC departments at an institutional price through the UC Bookstore.) 

You may also need to know how to edit code in include files, how to apply CSS styles, how to ensure that the paths to files within your site are correct and how to troubleshoot by examining and correcting HTML code if necessary.

If you do not possess these skills or don't have time to build a site with these templates, there is an alternative. You may build your site using the university's content management system (CMS). The CMS lets you build a template-based site with no programming on your part. You can create and edit your content via a Web interface, and accounts can be created for your staff to edit their own sections of the site. For more information about using the content management system, contact Web Communications.

When the template is delivered to you, you will receive documentation on using the template.