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Meeting Archive, 2006-2007

Month Date Time Location Agenda Handouts
Oct Monday 10/23/06 Noon - 1:30 TUC 400B UC President Nancy Zimpher - UC|21 Updates
October Minutes
Nov Monday 11/13/06 Noon- 1:30  TUC 400B Advisor Toolbox,  aka "webinized UniverSis"; Library Resources; OHAAA November Minutes
Dec Monday 12/11/06 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.    Kingsgate Conference Center Retiree Honors: Linster Bryant; Mary Ann Davis; Cheryll Dunn; Harmon McClung; Mary Tokarsky n/a (holiday party)
Jan Monday 1/8/07 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B UC|21 Integrated Core Learning overview; English Comp Changes; Lng. Assistance Program; Cincinnati Pride Grant January Minutes

Monday 2/12/07

Noon -1:30 TUC 400B Honors Scholars Program; Cincinnati Guarantee; Financial Aid February Minutes; Honors Scholars Updates
Mar Monday 3/12/07 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B UC President Nancy Zimpher - UC|21 Updates March Minutes
Apr Monday 4/9/07 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B Disability Services - Panel with Students and Staff;
Social Work Updates
April Minutes
May Monday5/14/07 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B No meeting - Orientation training