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UC Undergraduate Academic Advising Association

Meeting Archive, 2008-2009

Note - Most meetings this year will be held on Wednesdays.

Month/ Date Time Location Agenda Handouts
Oct Wednesday
Noon -1:30  TUC 400B Athletics (Todd Jones);
Sharepoint (Ned Donnelly)
Minutes (.doc);
Master Advisor FAQ (.doc); Master Advisor Questionnaire (.doc)
Nov Wednesday
Noon -1:30 French West
Conference Rm.
Success Challenge (Caroline Miller);
ESL update (Mary Benedetti);
College of Bus. updates (Kim McGinnis);
English 289 (Laura Micciche)
Minutes (.doc);
ESL (.doc)
Success Challenge (.ppt)
Dec Wednesday
11:30-1:30 KingsgateMarriott Holiday Party
Jan Wednesday 1/14/09 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B FYE/LC's; Soph Yr Experience; Pr1ze; CECH updates Minutes(.doc); Pr1ze (.doc); FYE/LCs (.ppt)
Feb Wednesday 2/11/09 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B Academic Excellence & Support Svcs (Debra Merchant); REACH (Siobhan Ryan-Perry) Minutes(.doc)
Mar Wednesday 3/18/09 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B D.A.A.P Update (Kathy Weimer & Vanessa Strickley); Political Science & International Affairs (Laura Jenkins) Minutes(.doc); DAAP Program Descriptions (.pdf)
Noon -1:30 Location 400B State of the University (Vice Provost Kristi Nelson & Sr. Vice President Monica Rimai) Minutes .doc


1:00-2:00 UP 310 Gen-1 Theme House (Judy Mause); UC Testing Center (Heidi Pettyjohn) Minutes (.doc)
June Wednesday
2pm - 4pm Burnett Woods, at the Pavillion by the Nature Center. Enter & park via Ludlow. Picnic; Presentation of the Sarah Grant Barber Outstanding Advising Award. Minutes (.doc)