Meeting Archive, 2010-2011


Month/ Date Time Location Agenda Handouts
Oct Wednesday
Noon -1:30  TUC 400A (NOTE - LOCATION differs from remainder of meeting locations)   Minutes (.doc - 28kb)
Nov Wednesday
Noon -1:30 TUC 400B Making Diversity Fun;
Nationally Competitive Awards;
Advising Resource Updates
Minutes (doc)
Diversity (ppt)
Semester Conversion (ppt)
Dec Wednesday
11:30-1:30 TBA Holiday Party  
Jan Wednesday 1/19/11 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B Dr. Santa J. Ono, Provost  
Feb Wednesday 2/16/11 Noon -1:30 Lindner Ctr
Room 850

Heidi Pettyjohn, GRE Changes; Joanna Mitro, 4+1 programs; John Brolley, new Liberal Arts major; Ned Donnelly / Tara Warden, Semester Conversion updates

GRE-Revised (ppt)Liberal Arts (pdf)
Semester Conversion:
Timeline (doc)
IAP Process (pdf)
Minutes (doc)
Mar Wednesday 3/16/11 Noon -1:30 TUC 400B DAAP and College of Business updates; General Advising update Minutes (doc)
Apr Wednesday
Noon -1:30 TUC 417A-C Semester Conversion with Ned Donnelly, Caroline Miller, Tara Warden  
May Wednesday 5/25/11 Noon -1:30 UP 310 Orientation Training May 23-26 Schedule
Orientation Traning Week-Please attend as many sessions as possible.
June Wednesday
2pm - 4pm TBA Picnic and Sarah Grant Barber Outstanding Advising Award