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SIS System As-Is Final Documents for Advising

Greetings, Colleagues.

The 18 flowcharts below are the result of a very intensive two weeks of work for the Advising documentation team on the SIS project.  The results are below, though you’ll need some patience to go through them.  We did not try to capture every detailed variation based on 14 different colleges’ ways of doing things.  But this team did a pretty good job at capturing what the units have in common for advising-related business process.  That was no small feat and the following individuals put in many hours to help me tackle that job:

Gretchen Hart

Jeannette Mautner

Shari Coffey

Adrian Hall

Scott Steger

Anne Hoehn

Jessica King

Linda Arnest

It will take time to “chew” on these business process documents if you are interested.  I suggest starting with one that most interests you and spending at least 10 min. or so getting familiar with it before trying to look at the rest.  These flowcharts will be used to capture UC’s SIS needs from an advising standpoint so the vendors have a sense of our needs before they come to present their products to us for decision this spring.  That is the next step in the project.  You may also find that these are useful for other purposes as you begin to look over them. 

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.


All my best,

Tara Stopfel Warden

Provostal Liaison for Advising