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2004-2005 Award

2005 University of Cincinnati Outstanding Advising Award Winner

Jean M. Gary

Director Student Services, College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services.

Jean's nominators had this to say about her:

Jean M. Gary

One of Ms. Gary's most positive traits is her genuine concern for the welfare of students. Many of the students who come to the CECH transfer from other programs within the university or from other universities. Numerous students have told me that what could have been an incredibly confusing, stressful, and negative experience was greatly facilitated by Ms. Gary herself or her staff. This is a tremendous service to the CECH as it enhances our enrollment rates and our student satisfaction rates. Likewise, the first year of college for entering freshmen can truly be traumatic. Jean has instituted services and programs that greatly facilitate this transition for our students."

"Jean views academic advising as a series of 'teachable moments'. Students utilizing the services provided by the Student Services Center have not just received basic advising, but life lessons as well. College is an environment where students develop ideas, knowledge, attitudes, skills and values that shape them. Jean has used her role as an advisor to impact students in this broader context. I am amazed that students have approached me to tell me how Jean has impacted them. We have truly been fortunate to have such a gift."

Congratulations Jean!

2005 University of Cincinnati Outstanding Advising Award Nominees

Raj Bhatnagar

Graduate Director, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science
"He makes himself available at all times, sometimes with a sacrifice to other activities he has underway such as writing to meet paper submission deadlines, or preparation of proposals with hard deadlines. But students always come first - and he thoroughly enjoys the opportunities to relate with them."

Anne Hoehn

Asst. Director, Academic, College of Applied Science
"Anne is an invaluable asset to the College of Applied Science because without her guiding me what seemed like every step of the way to academic success I know I would not be graduating this coming June 2005. Anne cares about you as a student and a person."

Carol Tonge Mack

Asst. Director, Academic, Center for Exploratory Studies
"Had it not been for encouragement and advice I never would have discovered that I am a good candidate for a Marketing internship with industry giant Walt Disney World! I now have a better understanding of myself."

Connie L. Scarborough

Professor and Graduate Advisor, Romance Languages and Literatures
"The future of the graduate students of this department is always in the forefront of her mind. Her commitment to her profession and the students is overwhelming."

Mary Tokarsky

Program Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences
"Mary has worked in an advising capacity for many years in A&S and has helped an infinite number of students to graduate by keeping them focused on their academic goals and dreams. She is an inspiration to her students and to all of us in the College of Arts & Sciences."

Jennifer Wiswell

Asst. Director, Academic, College of Business
"It is wonderful to know that there are advisors like Jenn Wiswell. Starting college life is far from easy, but Jenn has made me feel welcome, valued and supported. She is an Outstanding Advisor in every way."

Thank you to the 2004-5 Selection Committee!