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2006-2007 Award

Congratulations Sherry Spokas, recipient of the 2007 Sarah Grant Barber Outstanding Advising Award!

2007 Sarah Grant Barber Outstanding Advising award nominees

Sherry Spokas 

Sr. Academic Advisor, Center for Exploratory Studies (CES)
"Since 1998 Sherry has served McMicken A&S, Honors Scholars, Center for Exploratory Studies and UCUAADA. In these capacities she has touched the lives of students from all colleges and the work of advisors from all advising centers around campus and beyond. Her excellence as an advisor and her dedication to supporting academic advisors across the university is truly exceptional and she is very deserving of this honor.”

Kathy Weimer

Academic Advisor, Center for Access and Transition (CAT)
"Kathy's strengths are her passion for student success, student advocacy, knowledge of CAT policies and procedures, and her attention to detail...she is a tremendous advocate [for students]. Her plate may be full, but her commitment and dedication to student success is unparalleled."

Thank you to the 2007 Award Committee

Aaron Price (Chair)
Barb Bucey
Ned Donnelly
Paul Hillner
Amanda Jones
Wendy Lambing