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Sarah Grant Barber Outstanding Advising Award 2008-2009

Congratulations Jen Lile, recipient of the 2009 Sarah Grant Barber Outstanding Advising Award!

Jen Lile.

Jen puts action to the words, "placing students first."  Her recommender states that she goes above and beyond to help students get the most out of their entire UC experience. She often stays late to meet with students who are on co-op and cannot come in during regular office hours. Her students say, "Jen is a truly outstanding advisor who is always there to talk not just about academics or honors but whatever is important to me." Another states that, "Jen is by far among the top academic advisers that I have had throughout my academic career."

We are proud of all of our 2008-09 nominees. Congratulations!

The 2008-2009 nominees.

La-Vern Sutton

Has many accomplishments within the College of Nursing and has developed a variety of different programs. In a student nomination, "words of encouragement and support gave me the strength to persevere."  Also, another student states that, "she always makes time for students and they are one of her main priorities."

Adrian (Ed) Hall

"He is always available for help and always interested in student’s queries and problems." "He is very helpful and explains how to best fulfill requirements." "I owe a great deal of my academic success to Mr. Hall’s advice, support and expertise."

Kim Mcginnis

We received a number of letters from students. The student letters describe Kim as "a phenomenal advisor; she is always prompt, organized, professional, kind and knowledgeable." As another student put it, "Kim always advises with concern and care for the individual." "The world would do good to have more like her." "Kim has been a tremendous attribute to my college experience here at the University of Cincinnati."

Kathy Weimer

The Associate Dean of DAAP states that "Her most valuable qualities are her sense of reason, her easy nature and approachability, her intelligent approach to problem solving, her drive and initiative, and her willingness to work with people to find appropriate solutions." One of the students wrote, "Your assistance and advice have been an enormous help to me."

Keri Thoman

"Keralyn’s contributions to her student-athletes are much more far reaching than her job description." "She acts as a role-model for our young woman and offers them a never ending source of support to help them maximize their educational opportunities." A student athlete says, "I believe this kinds of sincere devotion to who she advises is what sets her apart from all the other advisors I have had."

Shari Coffey

"Shari possesses the drive to improve all aspects of the college as they relate to the success of the students." As one student put it, "After our first meeting, I was convinced that I was in great hands." Also, "Shari really cares for the student and you can tell that every day with her thorough research on each of her students so she can provide them with the best solution to their academic problems.”

Paula Breslin

Paula "is always willing to help." "She cares about the students… and wants to make sure they are successful." The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences stats that, "She designed a comprehensive First-Year Experience Program … she is a trail-blazer and innovator." Also, "She is both wonderful role model for students and an inspiration."

Richard Miller (not pictured)

Richard is a professor of civil and environmental engineering and is cited by seniors in that program as one of the best advisors. As the Department Head stated, "he is the go to guy in advising." "Rich does such a good job advising because he cares so much as is willing to go the extra mile to help students. He doesn’t just pay lip service to the slogan 'Putting the Students First.'"

Terri Premo (not pictured)

"She passionately gives to the university environment on a daily basis." "Through her guidance, she has enriched the lives of students throughout the university."  As stated by a graduate assistant, "Her contributions have been essential to the growth of this institution, to the students who met and depended upon her, and the students who never met her but benefitted from a program she started."

Thank you to the 2009 Award Committee

Yolanda Cooper, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
Beth Demark, CECH
Linda Moeller, College of Engineering
Felicia Wallace, Center for Access & Transition
Beth Wilhelmus, Transfer & Lifelong Learning Center