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Executive Board Elections Information


UCUAADA Executive Board Elections


Are you interested in gaining valuable leadership experience within the advising community? Connecting and networking with other advisors across colleges?   We are excited to announce that there are two positions up for election on the UCUAADA executive board this spring! The positions are:


1.       Convener (current officer: – the convener provides leadership related to keeping Board responsibilities and monthly meetings on track and moving forward. This position has oversight of room scheduling for meetings, supporting the programming chair in organizing meeting agendas and speakers, and serving as the primary point of contact for internal and external constituents.

2.       Secretary (current officer: – The secretary serves as the records keeper of the organization and the main disseminator of information relevant to the advising community. This position also maintains the official UCUAADA list-serv, vetting information and adding new members when requested. This position also serves as a support person for the other executive positions, helping where needed in event planning or program development.

Each of these positions is a two year term (2016-2018). More information can be found on the UCUAADA website: . If you are interested in more information or a one-on-one meeting with the current officer, feel free to contact her directly or email


The timeline for UCUAADA executive board elections will be:

1)      Now - April 1st: Nominations accepted (self-nominations or peer nominations) to . If submitting a self-nomination, please include a brief bio and the position you are interested in. If you are nominating a fellow advisor, please include the position as well. *Note, if you are nominated by a fellow advisor, you will be contacted and can either accept or decline the nomination.   As with any professional development opportunity requiring an additional time commitment, it is good practice to speak with your supervisor before volunteering your time.

2)      April 6th: Voting begins

3)      April 20th: Voting ends

4)      May 4thNew executive board members announced at the UCUAADA End of the Year Banquet


We hope that you will consider joining our executive board team.  




The UCUAADA Executive Board

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