UCAADA History

As we cross the milestone of 25 YEARS as the University of Cincinnati Undergraduate Academic Advisers Association (UCUAADA) at the University of Cincinnati, we would like to remember our mission, history and some of our past leadership.  We thank Barbara Schooley and many others who, at the time, saw the need and founded a group that would become such a valuable resource to the UC advising community.  We hope you enjoy looking at some of the group's early history below.  Happy 25th Anniversary, UCUAADA! In 2018, the advising community voted to ammend the bylaws to include all academic advisor at UC, thus changing the name to UCAADA - UC Academic Advising Association.


The University of Cincinnati Undergraduate Academic Advising Association (UCUAADA) was formed in 1988 to provide communication links and information sharing among those involved in academic advising. The group represents all colleges and offices concerned with advising and is committed to implementing ideas and programs to strengthen advising.

UCUAADA Conveners:

1998-1990: Barbara Schooley

1990: Lou Osinske

1991-1993: Gail (Fanta)(Warden) Fredensborg

1993-1995: William Jackson

1995-1997: Carol Wissman

1997-1999: Scott Steger

1999-2001: Kathy Startsman

2001-2004: Ned Donnelly

2004-2010: Sherry Spokas

2010-2012: Charlie Scruggs

2012-2014: Robin Selzer

2014-2016: Amanda Bacchus

2016 - Present: Kyle Key