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UCUAADA Member of the Month Nominees

February, 2016

Rosemary Andrew, Associate Director Academic, (Lindner College of Business)  Rosemary has been undoubtedly the best resource for myself and my peers throughout my graduate studies. Over the past few months I have been able to count on Rosemary for course advising, education financing, and career planning. Add to all of that the fact that she is always a cheerful smiling face, despite being what I am certain amounts to buried in MSIS student questions. Rosemary treats each of us with respect and when working with her, you feel as though you are her only priority. She is worthy of every award the university can offer. Thank you!!


January, 2016

Ashley Webber (Honors) Ashley is an outstanding advisor! She is deeply committed to her students and their success. Students seek her guidance in so many things, but especially in regard to their personal growth and development. In addition to advising students, Ashley also oversees facilitation of the LeaderShape Institute and co-leads the University Honors Ambassadors. She balances her many responsibilities extraordinary well and keeps students at the center of everything that she does. Ashley is an incredible asset to our team!

2nd submission: Ashley is my advisor in the University Honors Program and over the past years has exceeded all of my expectations as an academic counselor, mentor and friend helping me with everything from class choices to international travel plans and winter break novel recommendations. No one else at UC is as timely or purposeful with emails - Ashley responds to any questions I have within 48 hours, even then they are lengthy and complex, and is always on top of her game giving 110% to her work and students each day. For someone with hundreds of students who she advises, I think this is even more amazing.

Ashley is one of those special people who works in higher education for the right reasons. She builds into her students not just as students or professionals but as people, always asking the right questions that dig beneath the surface and reveal our true motives in taking on experiences through UHP even when we might not understand them ourselves. This allows for a greater understanding of the direction we're heading at people and as collegians and provides greater opportunities for reflection as is very important in UHP. There have been times I'm spitballing about an idea to go on a certain trip or take advantage of a certain opportunity and Ashley's feedback allows me to see the bigger picture and connect the idea to my larger academic goals.

She remembers what makes each person unique and I know that when I talk to Ashley about an idea I might have, she is willing to support me and help any way she is able. I know that I'm cared for as more than a task or an appointment that needs to be completed, but as a person and at such a large institution, that is an awesome way to feel.

Using her wealth of knowledge and her own experiences, Ashley truly leads me and my peers and helps us develop to our greatest potential. I know that if I ever needed anything I could pop in her office or shoot her a message and she'd put down what she's doing to help. It has been a blessing to know Ashley and have her as part of my journey at a UC student. I know I am better off for it and so thankful to have her in my life.

Sonia Joni (CEAS)  Sonia was the best advisor I have had. Sonia seemed very caring and helped me with everything I had asked and made me feel like a big priority. She didn't brush off any of my questions. She answered in great detail and didn't seem as though it was a burden. She was great.

2nd submission:  Great advising! She is a helpful and understanding person!

Cassi Frank (DAAP) There have been quite a few changes made in the fine arts program recently and Cassi has gone the extra mile to ensure that those changes do not hinder the progress of her students.


December, 2015

Dee Kinney, Faculty Advisor (UC Clermont) I wasn't sure if I was on the right path for my Associate's Degree. Professor Kinney had to be at the other campus for an appointment after our class but took the time to meet with me to go over all of my classes I've taken. She transferred all the classes she could and explained what I needed to take and when to be completed with the degree in time. Having a professor that cares and takes the time out when they don't have much to spare like that means a lot to me. She is a professor that truly cares about her students and them succeeding. She pushes us to be the best medical assistants we can be!  

Angela Jackson, Executive Staff Assistant (College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Services) Angela is instrumental to the success of the Student Services Center as a whole. She is the front line for our staff, and the friendliest front line at the University as well.  Her diligence and organization provides the framework for each semester to run smoothly. Once the busy season rolls around, the professional and courteous manner with which she handles the scheduling rush (not to mention students in crisis) sets the tone for our students. They feel listened to, and that their concerns will be addressed. This is vital for what we do, especially when the student is making first contact with our college. 

Dr. Sam Coppoletti, Faculty Advisor (UC Clermont)
Dr. Sam Coppoletti is a great advisor! His responses are always very quick, clear and informative! He is always there to help you. Also, he is very nice and kind to us, students.


November, 2015

Lacey Bradley, Academic Advisor (College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services)

Lacey helped me immensely while I was out on maternity leave. She stepped up to not only cover part of my student case load but also assisted with my duties related to FYE and Learning Communities. Lacey always has a positive attitude and is a great asset to CECH Advising!


Kyle Key, Academic Advisor (College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services)

The Keyster has an amazingly positive outlook. Even in times of high stress and anxiety, Kyle is smiling and finding the good wherever possible. He has a calm way about him that helps to slow down the team when they have a habit of charging ahead.

Kyle is extremely giving and loving to his students. Very patient and empathetic. Kyle pours a lot of himself into each and every student appointment and students leave his office feeling listened to and care for.

He models great positivity with his team at large even when the mood waxes more somber or negative. We find his good will and kind demeanor infectious and his smile constant. We are so lucky to have Kyle Key on our CECH advising team. He takes time out of his busy day to make sure to check in with everyone and his genuine desire to show you his full attention is refreshing and appreciated.

Kyle's students are lucky to have such a caring guide. Not to mention, his beard game is on point.


Kathy Weimer, Assistant Director Academic (Center for Exploratory Studies)

When our director took on the dual role of over-seeing CES and A&S declared advising, Kathy stepped-up to be the de facto CES Den Mother and has done an amazing job of it. Her warmth, wisdom, and well of knowledge are going to be sorely missed and never truly replaced. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.


October, 2015

Scott Steger, Credit Evaluation Manager (Credit Evaluation Center)

Scott has held together the Transfer Credit Evaluation process for months while down-staffed by 2 of 4 of the full-time staff. He has worked very hard to make sure that despite the staff shortage, the equivalencies are still being made at the usual pace. His comment about how he's managing all of this is, "This is what the advisors need to help their students, so this is what we'll do." I'm proud of Scott's and his team's work and how dedicated they are to supporting advising from behind the scenes.

Theresa Lyon, Academic Advisor (Lindner College of Business)

At the beginning of the semester, Theresa learned that one of her first-year advisees was going to need surgery and would miss at least two weeks of classes. I first learned of this situation because Theresa was going to leave early one Friday and asked me to take any calls that would come in from the student’s mother. Theresa wanted to make sure the family didn’t have to wait the entire weekend to hear back from her. She has done a tremendous job of checking in with the student. Theresa contacted the Disability Services Office to find out if the student would be eligible for services and how to support connecting him with that office. Most importantly, she wanted to verify that he was protected to be able to stay in his courses. The student was adamant that he did not want to take medical withdrawal for the term and Theresa jumped into action to make sure his wishes could be supported. She has consulted with me several times to provide updates and to verify what is appropriate for her to discuss with the student’s family. She has emailed, talked with the student’s mother, and even had a conference call with the family while the student was recovering from surgery. The student is back on campus and Theresa is making sure to meet with him regularly to support his plans to catch up on his classes. The student also needs to do some research to find out what local options are available to support his health. Theresa has volunteered to the student that she is happy to walk around campus and the surrounding community to find stores and restaurants to support his needs.

Theresa has done an amazing job, which I am certain she does not view as anything out of the ordinary. For Theresa, she’s just doing what needs to be done and helping a student. This is what makes her an exceptional advisor and I am confident this student is going to do well with her guidance.

Samantha Foltz, Academic Advisor (College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services)

THREE nominations!

1 - Sam advises for CECH's teacher education programs. These programs have very lock-step curriculums and can be difficult to navigate for students. Sam is student-centered and always advises with patience and compassion, even while having difficult conversations and working with difficult students. She has an excellent work ethic, often getting to the office early and staying late. She is a great coworker and motivates me to be the best advisor I can be!

2 - I would like to recognize Sam for extending herself professional development as a conference presenter at the upcoming American Council on Education (ACE) Women's Leadership Conference for the state of Ohio. She will be presenting with other UC women leaders about the needs of young professional women leaders.

3 - Education majors have mandatory advising...for their own good. They do not always see it this way. Sam has only been with CECH for one year but has tackled this really tough cache of students and given them 110% service with 100% of a positive attitude despite their sometimes poor dispositions and their never-ending needs and trials.

Erin Alanson, Associate Director (University Honors)

Erin has been a friend and colleague for a few years and I've always known she takes her work seriously and gives 100%. What I didn't know, until I began working for the University Honors Program, was that Erin is an amazing, open, caring, flexible, collaborative, communicative, thoughtful supervisor. I constantly see Erin go the extra mile for students and staff. Examples include but are certainly not limited to, meeting at all hours of the day, including through her lunch. Answering email and in-person questions in a timely manner. Asking each and every individual in meetings how they feel or what they think about something. Thanking people for attending meetings and offering insight (both verbally and via email). Prioritizing the needs of those she supervises, as well as the students, above her own. She's "camped" to help out with the UHP Welcome Retreat, "glamped" at LeaderShape, volunteered on countless university committees, and likely discusses UC and strategic planning after hours quite often with her husband Eric, who works in Pro PEL. If not for Erin, I wouldn't have been able to learn as much as I have about advising best practices, UHP, and the UC advising community. She even encouraged me to get involved with UCUAADA!

Rannen Roberson (UC Athletics)

Rannen has performed extra duties while his work partner Keri Thoman has been out on maternity leave. He has taken on leadership duties with football and led out students in their academic studies. He has also provided leadership to the support staff assisting with football academic club.

Heather Kilgore (Center for Exploratory Studies)

Heather recently helped a student with a very difficult personal situation that lead to filing a Title IX report and helping this student. The empathy and thoroughness she displayed were exemplary, and helped give me both the knowledge and the confidence to handle such a situation, when and if I should be in her position. Though I don't know all of the details of this case, I do know that Heather went above and beyond and made a real difference for this student.

December, 2013

Erin Alanson

Erin Alanson, an Assistant Director and Academic Advisor for the University Honors Program, skillfully coordinated 8 instructors offering 14 sections of the Gateway to University Honors seminar this fall. Informed by pedagogy, Erin redesigned the course with careful attention to student feedback and intentional focus on our learning outcomes. Her leadership in aligning the FYE curriculum for our program is invaluable. Erin has also built partnerships with DAAP and CCM, whose students she serves as an advisor. This academic year, Erin is providing leadership for and engaging students in intensive experiential learning opportunities including the 6-day LeaderShape Institute and our alternative Spring Break program, Workfest, in which students explore rural Appalachian culture and build or rehab homes for underserved residents. Throughout 2013, Erin presented at both national and local conferences, including ACPA, NACADA, UC's Annual Student Leadership Conference, and the UC Advising Conference. Erin is creative, collaborative, and a highly valued member of our team.


October, 2013

Kim McGinnis

Kim was a great advocate for the LCB PACE Leaders. She always heard what the student had to say and was able to communicate on their behalf. She is patient with every person knowing that their story is different than the one before.

Thank you for being a part in the implementation of the PACE Program!


Alison Wright

Alison has truly been the best advisor I have ever had. She is so friendly and genuinely cares about how I am doing in school. When I see her around Lindner College of Business, she always says hi and has a smile on her face. When I switched majors to LCB, she sat down with me and helped me create a plan to graduate on time and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. Here I am a year later and now I am on track to graduate and taking courses I love. Without her, I certainly would have been lost and still would be unsure about what I should do with my career. Her reassurance and guidance has definitely not gone unnoticed. Thanks Alison, you're the best!


Ginger Clark

Professor Clark is one of the best professors that I have had at the University of Cincinnati. She goes out of her way to help her students enabling them to achieve their full potential. And her positive attitude while teaching is always uplifting.


Pierre James

Professor James is always helpful when I need to know what direction to go in for school. As a first year, getting adjusted to college can be hard. Professor James is always around for advise and support. Above all else, Professor James is a very kind and knowledgable person.

Great teacher, very encouraging and thorough. Is always open to discussion and helping students.


September, 2013

Doe Gavin

Doe invites, coordinates and confirms over 80 university-wide guests every semester to present to Discovering UC, a course for openly exploring freshmen to learn about all the majors, programs and services UC offers. She coordinates two sections of Discovering UC spring semester. These guests range from UC's vice provost for undergraduate affairs to vice presidents to deans to professors to program directors to advisors to former exploratory students now in their "best fit" majors to graduate students and everyone in between! One can only imagine (I try hard not to!) how many email tag games her inbox is hosting at any given time every semester. And she does it all with a "smile in her tone" to benefit openly exploring students at UC.


James Gaffney

James is one of the most caring and thorough advisors I know. He consistently works on behalf of students to make sure that they have the necessary tools and information to pursue their academic and extra-curricular interests. He creates a safe environment for students to share thoughts, ideas, and issues that may arise as they move throughout their education. Beyond advising appointments, James works effortlessly to create programming for students so they may engage in opportunities to learn more about themselves and learn about various health care careers. He’s a true advocate for students and therefore I would like to submit his name to be the first receipt of the UCUAADA Advisor of the Month.


Jessica King

Jessica was recently promoted to Senior Assistant Director/Academic Advisor for the University Honors Program. Jessica coordinates many our advising policies and procedures and consistently looks at the BIG picture to make sure that our actions aligns with our mission and vision. In addition to her advising responsibilities, she teaches "Into to Community Engagement" where she challenges students to learn about Cincinnati and break down stereotypes. She infuses concepts of power, privilege and social justice in her class. Jessica consistently goes the extra mile to carefully craft materials to use with our students and she is always challenging our staff to read new literature and reference best practices when developing materials and/or ways to interact with our students.