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(L to R): Ann Brown, Yearling Committee Rep; Ifrah Aliawi, Yearling Recipient; Christina Black, Yearling Committee Rep.

Senior Ifrah Aliawi Awarded Yearling Scholarship

February 11, 2015: Ifrah Aliawi, a senior Biology major/Chemistry minor, has been named the Yearling Scholarship Recipient for Spring 2015. Aliawi is passionate about education and the opportunities it affords those who pursue it.  She is looking forward to beginning a promising career in the sciences and is motivated to use her work to make a difference in the world. 

The Yearling Scholarship is awarded to non-traditional female students at NKU, Thomas More College, Gateway Community & Technical College and the University of Cincinnati.  Since 1986, The Yearlings, Inc. has given over $835,000 to charities and The Yearlings Scholarship funds.

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Lynn Rosenthal

Lynn Rosenthal, White House Advisor on Violence Against Women

The University of Cincinnati proudly welcomes Lynn Rosenthal,
White House Advisor on Violence Against Women

November 21, 2014: The #ItsOnUs forum and associated Title IX Coordinators Panel and Student Leaders Break-Out Sessions will serve as an opportunity to hear directly from the White House on current responses to sexual violence on campus including: White House Task Force recommendations, national responses to the recommendations, and the recently launched #ItsOnUs campaign. 

This event continues the partnership of advocacy between students in the RECLAIM Peer Advocate program, Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence (OAESV), and the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault which began earlier this year as the recommendations were being developed.  It is an honor to have UC’s campus programming and student advocacy recognized in this way and we do hope the community will join us as the discussion moves forward with the launch of the #ItsOnUs campaign.  

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For more information about this event contact or phone 216-658-1381. 


Stephanie Lux, 2014 C-Ring Recipient

University of Cincinnati C-Ring committee announces Stephanie Lux, 2014 C-Ring recipient!  

April 2014: Stephanie Lux will receive her BS in Nursing from the College of Nursing and a BA in Spanish from McMicken College of Arts & Sciences this Spring. She has served as a co-President of the UC chapter of GlobeMed, named the 2013 University  of Cincinnati Student Organization of the Year.  

The UC chapter of GlobeMed has been partnered with Social Action for Women, an organization on the border of Thailand and Burma which provides safe houses for women refugees, a mobile medical team, and income generation projects for women.   UC's GlobeMed purpose is to work with Social Action for Women to provide education to migrant Burmese refugees in Thailand on illness prevention and to educate the UC campus on global health issues.  

Stephanie is committed to ensuring that her advocacy for the Burmese women and girls continues beyond her graduation from the University of Cincinnati to ensure that the needs of these women are met. Stephanie's nominator, UC Alumna Kaitlin Dauner shared the following when addressing Lux's commitment to advocacy for women and girls…

Stephanie deeply believes that the women she helps through GlobeMed and Social Action for Women in Thailand deserve the opportunity to speak for themselves. Her relentless dedication to starting this organization is a simple testament to her belief in empowering the women and children of Thailand. In addition, her trip through GlobeMed provides another specific example of her dedication to empowering the community. As a nursing student, Stephanie understands the magnitude her profession can influence globally and aspires to empower women in developing countries after graduation. Instead of serving with the "savior'' mentality, Stephanie hopes to spend her career changing mindsets around what is possible for women interested in nursing in developing  countries.  She has demonstrated passion, dedication and relentless effort towards improving the lives of other women by empowering them to make change for themselves. Her most valuable asset is seeing other women as the solution, not as the contribution to the situation they are sadly experiencing.  I have no doubt that Stephanie will change the lives of many women in the future. 

Congratulations Stephanie Lux, 2014 C-Ring Award Recipient!

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