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Reclaim Peer Advocate Profiles

The UC Women’s Center Reclaim Peer Advocates have created this page in order to introduce themselves and share with the students, staff and faculty some of the reasons for why they have devoted their time to this service. 

If you are interested in the Reclaim Program or in becoming a Peer Advocate, please contact Paisley Scarberry at . 


Ellen Rielag

Senior, Health Promotion and Education

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

I’m a Reclaim Advocate because…I believe in changing our community into a safer environment for survivors to speak up and thrive.

Fun Fact about me…my favorite animal is a hedgehog


Lauren Stoll

Senior, Social Work Major

Hometown: Worthington, OH

I'm a RECLAIM Advocate because… I believe in a campus culture that supports survivors.

Fun Fact about me… I sing!


 Lucille (Lucy) Eisenhard 

Junior, Liberal arts 

Hometown: Philadelphia , PA 

I am a RECLAIM peer advocate because… I believe we can change our culture to one that believes survivors and empowers all voices 

Fun fact about me… My parents met in CCM as opera majors. 


Maria Kothman 

5th year senior, Social Work

Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio

I’m a Reclaim Advocate because…I believe in the power of this community to affect change, and I feel empowered in this space.

Fun Fact about me…I'm obsessed with Lil' Bub.


Raquel Boose

3rd Year, Social Work/Psychology Minor 

Hometown: Sandusky, OH

I’m a RECLAIM Advocate because...I believe in striving to achieve a world free of violence. Through advocacy and education, I hope to support and empower survivors of sexual assault and gender-based violence. A culture of consent is not only recommended, it is necessary and it is possible. 

Fun Fact about me...Pocahontas is my daily inspiration.


Sally Heuker

Senior, Anthropology and Political Science

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

I'm a Reclaim Advocate because I believe that, through education and advocating for our peers, we can make that difference that puts an end to sexual assault and gender-based violence.

Fun Fact about me: I love elephants!



3rd year, Industrial Design

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

I’m a Reclaim Advocate because… I believe in the power of advocacy to change oppressive systems and to make UC a safer place for everyone. 

Fun Fact about me… I believe in the power of negative thinking.


Jonathon Meeks


Sabrina Demore