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V-Day College Campaign at UC


About The Vagina Monologues at University of Cincinnati… 

The Vagina Monologues is a play consisting of a series of monologues cultivated from interviews conducted by Eve Ensler in which she asked women from all walks of life about their lived experiences as women. Since that time, the play has become the centerpiece of a larger anti-violence campaign, VDay, which has a mission of "Ending Violence Against Women and Girls."  The Vagina Monologues have been performed on the campus of University of Cincinnati for over 6 years and have most recently been sponsored by the UC Women's Center (UCWC) for the last 4 years. UCWC benefit productions have raised funds for the local YWCA-Battered Women's Shelter, UC Women's Center Reclaim Peer Advocate Program, and Women Helping Women. We have also supported Spotlight Campaigns for Rape Survivors in the war torn Democratic Republic of Congo, Earthquake Relief in Haiti, and this year's One Billion Rising global campaign. 

UCWC productions have grown from a “One Night Only” event to multiple night performances for sold-out audiences. UCWC has also committed to making the show more accessible to the community by opening the cast to any woman-identified person—student, staff, faculty, or community member-- who is interested in the production; pushing for the inclusion of transwomen’s narratives in the production; and, offering ASL interpretation for performances. UCWC has also worked to keep ticketing fair, as we are not permitted to charge UC students, and to encourage donations so that we may best support the charitable work of this production. We've been honored to receive favorable reviews from our local community and hope to continue this work in the coming years. 

For more information about The Vagina Monologues and VDay Activism at UC, contact Brandy Turnbow at  

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