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Employee Disability Services

Contact Employee Disability Services (513-584-4482) any time you have questions related to return-to-work, transitional work, workplace accommodations, or need help exploring funding resources for rehabilitation interventions and work accommodations.

UC Human Resources provides employees with disability and workplace accommodation services designed to assist any UC employee experiencing medical impairment restricting capacity to safely continue working or safely return-to-work.

  • This includes both work related as well as non-occupationally related injury and illness and includes part-time and student workers as well.
  • Employee Disability Services assists with the coordination of comprehensive restorative services aimed at maximizing medical recovery while minimizing the financial and personal costs associated with disability.

  • This internal employee health resource promotes a win-win common sense approach aimed at resolving barriers related to work disruption and reasonable job accommodations.

  •  The employee is treated with dignity and respect with the goal of safely returning to productive work.

  • Return to work planning assistance helps clarify the suitability of accommodated work options based on documented medical need and work restriction compatibility with functional job demands. 

Call University Health Services (513-584-4457) to schedule a return to work evaluation with a medical provider at the UHS Holmes Clinic. Present work release documentation from the treating physician at the time of the UHS evaluation.

Steve Bangs

Stephen Bangs, Disability Manager, has extensive professional rehabilitation experience coordinating services related to maximizing medical recovery and facilitating a safe return to work.  Mr. Bangs is a nationally certified rehabilitation counselor and has earned Rehabilitation Counseling degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Boston University.  Mr. Bangs is an employer-based benefit resource provided to help employees maintain employment with the university. Services are individualized and medical information conveyed to the department is strictly related to functional job demands or job accommodation needs. 513-584-4482