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Off Work 5 Days or More?

UHS Holmes Clinic provides RETURN-TO-WORK EVALUATION services for all employees off work for five days or more due to a medical condition, or if released for work with either temporary or long-term work restrictions.
  • The UHS medical care provider evaluates the employee prior to returning to work and may direct the employee to schedule follow-up visits.  The UHS medical care provider determines the employee’s work capability and readiness to participate in work activity. 
  • Sometimes additional medical information is needed by the UHS medical care provider to clarify the extent of work restriction and the expected duration.  The employee is asked to sign a release of information form allowing UHS consultation with the treating physician.
  • The UHS medical care provider documents the release date the employee may return to work, any specified work restrictions, and the duration of the restrictions and/or date of next medical evaluation. 
  • Strict medical confidentiality will be maintained.
  • Following the UHS medical assessment, the employee presents the UHS provided work release/supervisor response form to his/her department. The employee is expected to follow-up with UHS as directed by the UHS provider and/or as specified on the encounter form.
  • During medical recovery, Employee Disability Services may coordinate additional rehabilitation interventions and resources as needed to promote full recovery and safe work.