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Out-of-Pocket Fees

Out-of-pocket fees for services at the UHS Mental Health vary depending on your insurance plan and coverage.

For students with UC’s 2014 -2015 Student Health Insurance coverage, please note the following:

  • Out-of-pocket cost for therapy session: $14
  • Out-of-pocket cost for ADHA/LD assessment: $108
  • Out-of-pocket cost for psychiatry initial visit: $15
  • Out-of-pocket cost for psychiatry follow-up: $15

These fees may change from plan year to plan year. Your provider will review current fees associated with serves during your first visit.

For students with private health insurance, please note the following:

Out-of-pocket costs vary from person to person, and plan to plan, based on the following factors:

  • Your plans’ mental health coverage
  • Co-pays/Out-of-Network provider status
  • In-Network/Out-of-Network provider status
  • Deductibles

If you have questions about your potential out-of-pocket costs, please contact your insurance provider.

University Health Services accepts most insurance plans. However, it is always recommended that you check with your insurance plan to verify that University Health Services is in-network. Since UHS serves only students and employees of the University of Cincinnati you will not find UHS listed on any “how to find a provider” insurance web site. We will be listed as University of Cincinnati Physicians Company.  If your insurance plan pays to University of Cincinnati Physicians Company then you can be seen using your insurance coverage at UHS.

If our UHS Mental Health providers are out-of-network according to your insurance plan, you are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance plan for a list of in-network providers. Using an in-network provider is the best way to minimize your out-of-pocket costs.