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FAQ's Prescription Details

  • I have UC Student Health Insurance, how much will my prescriptions cost?
    As long as your medication is on formulary, a one month supply of medication will be a $30.00 co-pay for brand-name medication and a $15.00 co-pay for generic medication. The copay for brand name medication for which there is a generic equivalent commercially available is $ 60.00 for a month supply.
  • How do I know if my medication is on the formulary?
    Call the University Health Services (UHS) pharmacy at 513-556-6091
  • What if my medication is not on the formulary or what if the UHS Pharmacy is closed?
    If you have UC Student Health Insurance, the UHS pharmacy can order it to be purchased by the entire stock bottle/unit. Student must pay the full price of the medication and submit claim form for reimbursement from the insurance company. Please note that the UHS pharmacy cannot order certain medication, including most schedule II medications. You can fill your prescription at any retail pharmacy. You will pay the full price of the medication and mail your claim form to the insurance company. Once you have reached your $300.00 deductible for the insurance year (for ANY medical reason, not just prescriptions), the insurance will reimburse you 80% of the out-of-pocket cost for the prescriptions. There are multiple pharmacies within walking distance of UC's campus. 
  •  I've heard that birth control pills are free now, is that true?
    In accordance to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, forms of GENERIC birth control (tablets, injections) are covered at a zero out of pocket cost through Student Health Insurance for the 2012 - 2013 insurance year. Brand name formulations (ring, patch, diaphragm, tablets, injection) will STILL BE SUBJECT TO THE $30.00 COPAY for a month supply and a $60.00 copay for a month supply of a brand name medication that has a generic equivalent that is commercially available. As a reminder, a prescription for contraceptive does not need to be prescribed by a UHS provider for the UHS Pharmacy to be able to fill it.

  • I have a prescription (or refills at another pharmacy) from a doctor not with University Health Services (UHS). Can I have it filled at the UHS Pharmacy?
    Yes, as long as it is not a contraceptive.  (see contraceptive details)
  • I have a prescription for a contraceptive from a doctor outside of UHS. How can I arrange for it to be filled at the UHS pharmacy?
    Oral Contraceptive Pill Prescriptions (prescribed by non-UHS Providers) Information

  • Can I get multiple months of my prescriptions at one time?
    Yes, however, the UC Student Health Insurance limits co-payment to once per month per prescription. If you want to purchase additional months of medication usually covered by UC Student Health Insurance, you will have to pay the full amount of the medication and submit a claim form to the insurance company.
  • I don't have UC Student Health Insurance; can I get my prescriptions filled at the UHS pharmacy?
    Yes, We do accept a limited number of outside insurance cards.  Contact your insurance company to see if we are a provider pharmacy on your plan. You must have an insurance prescription card for the UHS pharmacy to process your prescription. Please make sure you have it with you. Also, we can fill your prescription if you do not have insurance. Full payment for medication is expected at time of pick-up. 
    Note: Even if  the UHS pharmacy is not a provider pharmacy on your plan, it may be more convenient to have it filled with the UHS pharmacy providing it is an inexpensive medication.