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Oral contraceptive pill prescriptions prescribed by non-UHS providers

University Health Services (UHS) Pharmacy is able to offer oral contraceptives at reduced pricing. However, in order to comply with public health regulations, patients wishing to fill their prescriptions from the UHS Pharmacy, need to be under the care of a UHS provider. A contraceptive counseling office visit at UHS will be needed.

The process to purchase birth control pills at the University Health Services Pharmacy is as follows:

UHS must receive a copy of your recent pap smear (if applicable, within the past 12 months) from your clinician's office. This can be accomplished by:

  • Faxing pap report to University Health Services: (513) 556-1337

  • Mailing pap report to:
    University Health Services
    University of Cincinnati
    PO Box 210010
    Cincinnati, OH 45221-0010 

  • Bringing in a copy of your pap report to University Health Services

If you do not have immediate access to your pap results, discuss this with a UHS nurse who will assist you with obtaining your results from your clinician. You will need to complete and sign a medical records release. 

Once the pap report is obtained,can schedule an appointment with a University Health Services provider for a Contraceptive Counseling office visit. This visit is covered for those who have UC Student Health Insurance. This can be done with either an appointment or same day visit at the UHS main campus location and by appointment at the UHS medical campus location. (please note: appointments are recommended for the UHS main campus location). At the time of your office visit, your blood pressure will be checked  and you will be asked to complete a short oral contraceptive questionnaire. If the UHS provider determines there are no contraindications, you will be provided with a prescription for enough pill packs until your next pap is due.