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Student Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I eligible for coverage?

    Full-time, Co-op, and part-time students taking six or more credit hours are all eligible for coverage and will be automatically charged unless they have previously waived coverage during the current academic year. Graduate students registered for less than six (6) credit hours are eligible to enroll for coverage provided they are registered for one (1) graduate credit hour each semester they desire coverage (the graduate credit hour must be toward their degree and they must be matriculated into a program). Graduate students must submit an official enrollment form for each semester they desire coverage but before the semester deadline.

  • Am I covered by UC Student Health Insurance year-round? 

    To prevent a lapse in summer coverage, the University divides the annual premium into two semester payments. Premiums are paid fall semester and spring semester. The spring coverage extends through summer, with no additional premium due and no credit hour requirement.   Effective dates are August 11th and January 12th for fall and spring semesters, respectively. The summer semester effective date is May 11th.

  • What if I am currently covered by my parents', or spouses', health insurance?

    Students who are currently enrolled in a health insurance plan that is equal to (meets the requirements at the beginning of the online waiver at the Onestop website) or better than the UC Student Health Insurance Plan may waive UC Student Health Insurance by submitting an on-line waiver by the deadline.  All requests to waive for the semester must be received by the deadline.  Students are encouraged to carefully review their policies with their parents or partners.  Listed below are some examples of situations in which students may find that they are not covered or have experienced unforeseen changes in their policies.

Students with permanent residences outside of this region who are covered by HMOs or other policies with limitations on services outside of the policyholder’s hometown area may not be covered by their health insurance policies or they may have limited coverage.

If students reach a maximum age limit, they may not be covered as a dependent under a parent's health insurance policy.

If students are covered under individual policies (not employer-based policies) and in some cases, employer-based policies, they may experience drastic changes during this period of transformation in the U.S. healthcare and health insurance industries.

Your policy’s provider network does not include the UC Student Health Insurance services.

  • Does the UC Student Health Insurance Plan provide Mental Health & Substance Abuse services? 

    Patients who are in need of Inpatient care would receive Provider services and room and board. There is also coverage for outpatient therapy for substance abuse and mental health counseling.  Those insured under the Student Health Insurance may receive care at the on-campus mental health counseling clinic located at the University Health Services for a nominal co-payment.

What are the services offered with the UC Student Health Insurance? 

The comprehensive outpatient services include but are not limited to:
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Medical care from specialists
  • Diagnostic services
  • Physical and occupational therapy treatment in an outpatient emergency department or other facility for a medical emergency
Inpatient hospital and medical services include:
  • Room and board (semi-private)

  • Ancillary services including operating and recovery room, anesthesia, prescribed drugs, medical and surgical supplies, diagnostic and therapy services

  • Physician and consulting physician services

  • Constant care in an intensive care unit when approved

  • Maternity service benefits are provided for pregnancy and miscarriage on the same basis as any other temporary sickness. This Plan fully complies with Title IX of the Educational Amendment of 1972, as amended by the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987.

See the Plan booklet for specific exclusions and limitations on the above benefits.  The Plan booklet also contains a more comprehensive explanation of the covered benefits.

Semester deadlines are posted on the Student Health Insurance homepage.