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Policy Quick Reference

Single Student Coverage, 2014-15


  •   Major medical
  •   Underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources
  •   Gold-tier equivalent
  •   Affordable Care Act-compliant
  •   In-network and out-of-network coverage



  • Premium        
    $177.33/month when purchased for both fall & spring semesters but billed $1064 fall semester & $1064 spring semester (summer included with spring; no credit hour requirement or premium due)

  • Deductible        
    $300, met one (1) time per plan year

  • Prescription Benefit    
    $15, $30, $60 for prescriptions filled at UHS Pharmacy
    80% co-insurance* for prescriptions filled at outside pharmacy

  • ER            
    $150 copayment reduced to $50 if UHS physician called for approval prior to ER arrival & reduced to $0 (zero) if admitted to hospital, then 80% coverage, 20% co-insurance*

  • Out-of-Pocket Max.    

  • Lifetime Max.    

  • Mental Health   
    $14 - $17 (excluding ADHD eval.) for services rendered at UHS.

  • Non-UHS Services    
    80% coverage, 20% co-insurance* **
    60% coverage, 40% co-insurance***


Perks Associated with Coverage Under SHI

  • Mental health services (from $14-$17 for psychiatrist, psychologist, counselors)
  • No charge for primary care services rendered at UHS
  • Primary care at UHS includes x-rays, lab work (medically necessary), dermatology
    (1 exception), gynecology
  • No limit on visits to UHS
  • Hassle-free medical care & customer service
  • UHS conveniently located in heart of campus
  • Dental stand-alone policy available for purchase
  • Immediate access to SHI customer service at your pace via phone, email, in-person
  • In-person assistance with all insurance paperwork
  • Informational, money-saving workshops
  • Unbeatable premium & deductible
  • Policy and UHS customized to meet UC students’ needs

* after deductible has been met
** in-network & with a referral (referral not required when 50(+) miles from main campus)
*** without referral &/or out-of-network

Note: This is not the SHI Plan Booklet.  See SHI Plan Booklet at or contact SHI for more specific benefit details.


SHI-Student Health Insurance

UHS-University Health Services