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Maura O’Connor

Title:  Associate Professor
Office:  335C McMicken Hall
Tel: 513-556-2198
Email: maura.o'

Professor O’Connor received her BA in European Studies from Mount Holyoke College and her masters and doctorate in history from the University of California, Berkeley. She has taught at the University of Cincinnati since 1992. Her areas of research interest have been the comparative social and cultural history of nineteenth-century Europe, primarily Britain and the Empire, with strong secondary interests that extend chronologically from the eighteenth to the twentieth century and geographically from France to Italy. Her work has straddled the boundaries of history and literature; she has published and participated in international scholarly communities in both fields.

If her first book, The Romance of Italy and the English Political Imagination (1998), wanted to bring cultural history perspectives to the story of nation building and diplomacy, her current book project attempts to write a cultural history of risk and speculation by giving us a view of finance capitalism on the ground. Titled "Risking the World: The London Stock Exchange and the British Financial Empire, 1801-1910," it tells the story of the world of international finance, the culture of risk capital, and the gendered politics of speculating and investing in the British Empire from the Napoleonic Wars when the financial center shifted from Amsterdam to London to the aftermath of the Anglo-Boer War when London's financial supremacy was seriously challenged.


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1992.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Deborah Cohen and Maura O&apos, and Connor. "Comparison and History: Europe in Cross-National Perspective." (2004).

Courses Taught

History of the British Empire, 1763-1947 (graduate).

Comparative, Cross-National, Transnational Histories and Methodologies (graduate).

Cultures of Capitalism.

Eighteenth Century Britain and the Empire.

Nineteenth Century Britain and the Empire.

Twentieth Century Europe.