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Cars 2 Games! 

The Summer of 2010 I worked at Hasbro in East Longmeadow Massachusetts. It was such an amazing campus and so fun. The people I worked with were all creatives and literally would play games during the day (testing and studying the games of course). I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work on the Disney games for Cars 2 way before the movie came out. I was given the script to read and I also came up with taglines for the games. The Cars 2 Trouble game for example has my tagline "Pop & Race in a super spy chase" as its tagline. The games are sold in hundreds of stores across the nation and online. Its great to see the games I helped work on like Monopoly, Sorry!, Trouble, and more on shelves everywhere.

Maria Cassidy

Marketing - 2013
College of Business

Hasbro Games, Inc.

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