Call for Nominations

To assist in the identification of those individuals and organizations that merit the high honor of inclusion in the Hall, the Trustees invite you to submit nominations in the following categories:

  • Individual Inductees – Individuals who have made exceptional contributions, over a substantial period of time, for the qualitative advancement of cooperative education.
  • Pioneers in Cooperative Education – Individuals who are widely perceived as having been exceptional early leaders in co-op’s evolution (first 50 years) and whose contributions qualitatively advanced the growth and practice of cooperative education.
  • Organizations – Organizations that have provided exceptional quality commitment to cooperative education over a substantial period of time, and by their example and leadership, have contributed significantly to its advancement.

The Hall was developed to give a permanent place of honor for individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to the qualitative advancement of cooperative education, both at the University of Cincinnati and beyond. While this Hall of Honor will be University of Cincinnati sponsored and will honor exceptional contributors to its program, it will also honor those who have advanced the co-op pedagogy for learning worldwide. In establishing the policies, processes and criteria for the Hall and to have a direct role in the selection of inductees, the Board of Trustees includes representatives from the national cooperative education community.

As you prepare your nomination(s), please be aware of the following:

  1. The nomination may not exceed one page, single-spaced. It is assumed that the accomplishments of the nominee will be so widely known or so exceptional, that extensive documentation is unnecessary.
  2. Nominations may be submitted on-line at this web site (Individual or Organization above) or mailed hard copy to the address listed on the nomination form.
  3. While an extensive vita is not necessary, the Hall’s Board of Trustees reserves the right to request additional documentation of a nominee’s accomplishments.
  4. Nominees not selected for the inaugural year will be carried forward and reconsidered, from year to year, for a maximum of five years.