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Fire Log

CommentsReport NumberProperty DamageInjuries/Deaths
4/6/20188:14:00 AMEastCentral UtilityCGT-2FireMechanical Failure
Flash fire CTG-2 transfer of gas to fuil oil040618-079
3/22/20182:30:00 PMWestBraunstein HallOutside waste canFireNot Known
Trash can fire outside of building extinguished032218/065
12/22/20175:53:00 PMWestRieveschlChemical Storage BLDFireAccidental
heating unit in dry chemical building activated su121217-2630.000
11/19/20177:45:00 PMEastMSBLibrary office on R levelFireUnintentional Action
Fire in MSB R library office cause by space heater111917-254100,000
11/16/20175:41:00 PMWestLindner Hall430FireNot Known
Dumpster fire at the loading dock pull station111517-253
8/12/201712:08:00 PMOther UC5121 FishwickLevel 1 Data centerFireElectrical
Fire in elevator control panel (Fishwick)081217-1841000.000
5/3/20178:40:00 AMWestCCM (Emery & Corbett)2575FireAccidental
Construction hotwork caused a fire in HVAC050417-1445000.000
4/4/20173:34:00 PMWestRec CenterExteriorFireAccidental
Trash Can Fire040417-1350.000
3/29/201712:25:00 PMWestLindner HallCourt YardFireAccidental
Fire was found in outside trash can032917-1300