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Small-angle scattering with neutron contrast variation and NMR studies of cardiac muscle proteins

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Dr. Paul R Rosevear

Assoc Professor COM Mol Gen Rosevear Lab
College of Medicine
+1 (513) 558-3370

We have shown, using small-angle scattering with neutron contrast variation and NMR studies that protein kinase A phosphorylation at serine residues 23 and 24 of cardiac troponin I in the troponin complex results in the N-extension folding back and interacting with the inhibitory region of cardiac troponin I. Our current objectives are to complete the structural characterization of this effect and examine the consequences of protein kinase C phosphorylation of the cardiac troponin complex. These studies will allow us to elucidate the mechanisms by which phosphorylation of cardiac troponin modulates cardiac muscle contraction.

Project commenced on January 1, 2000

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