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Exchange Program between CCM Composition and China Conservatory of Music

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Dr. Joel Hoffman

Professor Composition, Musicology & Theory
College Conservatory of Music
+1 (513) 556-9504

This exchange program between CCM and the China Conservatory of Music (in Beijing) offers the possibility for students and faculty at both institutions to spend flexibly-scheduled periods of time at the sister school. For students, the minimum period is one quarter and the maximum is one year. For faculty, residencies can range from two weeks to one quarter, although any proposal can be considered. Students at both institutions have the possibility of earing credit at the sister school that can be applied directly towards degree requirements. Faculty can propose teaching or performing residencies.

This program is currently open only to faculty and students in both institutions' departments of Music Composition.

Project commenced on September 1, 2005

Target Countries

Collaborative Institutions