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Montréal, population 3,360,000, is framed by Mont Royal and the St. Lawrence River. What was initially a simple missionary village, three and a half centuries later, has burgeoned into the world's largest inland port, the home of Canada's first banks and trading companies, the world's second-largest French-speaking city, and a metropolis of international repute. Given its prime location - only 37 miles (60 km) from the U.S. border - Montréal is an increasingly important hub of North American trade.

Montréal is a bilingual, mulitcultural society, and although its French influence is the focus of much controversy within Canada, it's this very flavor that's attractive to visitors. Montréal is a city renowned for its vibrant nightlife, love of sports, world-class museums, orchestras, shopping and year-round festivals. It is easy to get most everywhere on the metro and by foot.

Can I participate in this program?

Students at the following levels are eligible to participate in this program:

  • Sophomores
  • Juniors
  • Seniors

Where will I go?

  • Canada (Montreal)

When can I go?

Fall Semester or Spring Semester

Students who participate in this program will be out of the country for a quarter or longer.

Important Program Deadlines:


Who is in charge of this program?

  • Ms. Lee Armstrong (
    Assoc Dir Academic LCB -International Programs College of Business
  • Ryan Meyer (
    Exchange Program Manager UC International Programs

Are any foreign colleges or universities involved?

This program is associated with the following foreign college(s) / university(ies):

Is this program associated with my college or department?

This program is associated with the following UC college(s) and/or department(s):

  • College of Business

*You may still be able to participate in this program if you are not enrolled in any of the above college(s) or departments. For more information, please contact the person (or people) who are in charge of this program.

Can I earn course credit by participating in this program?

Participants in this program can earn UC credit for the following UC course(s):

  • International Business

What amenities are provided?

  • Housing / Accommodations

  • Meals

  • Transportation

How much will it cost to participate?

  • Tuition
    UC Tuition

  • Room & Board

  • Airfare

  • Other Costs
    Personal Expenses

  • Total Costs
    Personal Expenses + Other Costs TBD

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