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Nagoya University Exchange

Students can study Japanese language, culture, or various other disciplines from one quarter to an academic year in Nagoya, Japan. The NUPACE program is run through Nagoya University one of Japan's most prestigious universities. The program focuses on language and cultural studies, but also offers classes in most major areas. UC students can receive between 12-15cr. per semester and pay University of Cincinnati tuition. Although NUPACE is on the semester system, course equivalencies make the credit earned comparable to a student's time spent abroad. The city itself is located south of Tokyo and north of Kyoto, a buzzing metropolis that currently serves both an important political and economic role in comtemporary Japan.

Can I participate in this program?

Students at the following levels are eligible to participate in this program:

  • Sophomores
  • Juniors
  • Seniors
  • Graduate Students

Where will I go?

  • Japan (Nagoya)

When can I go?

Fall Semester, October to Late-March
Spring Semester, April to Late-September

Students who participate in this program will be out of the country for a quarter or longer.

Important Program Deadlines:

Fall Semester Deadline: March 1st
Spring Semester Deadline: November 1st

Who is in charge of this program?

Are any foreign colleges or universities involved?

This program is associated with the following foreign college(s) / university(ies):

Is this program associated with my college or department?

This program is not associated with any particular UC college(s) or department(s).

Can I earn course credit by participating in this program?

Participants in this program can earn UC credit for the following UC course(s):

  • Japanese language and culture
  • Various disciplines

What amenities are provided?

  • Housing / Accommodations
    Student dormitories w/private rooms

  • Meals

  • Transportation
    Individual flights

How much will it cost to participate?

  • Tuition
    UC tuition

  • Room & Board
    $400 - $600 per month

  • Airfare
    $1,200 - $1,500 approx.

  • Other Costs
    Personal expenses

  • Total Costs
    UC tuition + cost of living and personal expenses

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