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FRANCE & SPAIN: International Business Program (Faculty-led) Spring '14

Complete your International Business minor by taking 12-15 credits over spring semester. In the second half of spring semester, spend two weeks in Toulouse, France, and one week in Barcelona, Spain learning about doing business within the European Union. The program includes company visits, guest speakers, lectures, case studies and cultural tours. Our partner institution, Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Toulouse (Toulouse Business School) coordinates the program so you learn from local experts.

Can I participate in this program?

Students at the following levels are eligible to participate in this program:

  • Juniors
  • Seniors

Where will I go?

  • France (Toulouse)
  • Spain (Barcelona)

When can I go?

March 17- April 5, 2014

Students who participate in this program will be out of the country for less than 9 weeks.

Important Program Deadlines:

Application deadline October 11, 2013 Download LCB application from www.business.uc.edu/intb/forms

Who is in charge of this program?

  • Ms. Lee Armstrong (lee.armstrong@uc.edu)
    Assoc Dir Academic LCB -International Programs College of Business

Are any foreign colleges or universities involved?

This program is associated with the following foreign college(s) / university(ies):

Is this program associated with my college or department?

This program is associated with the following UC college(s) and/or department(s):

  • College of Business

*You may still be able to participate in this program if you are not enrolled in any of the above college(s) or departments. For more information, please contact the person (or people) who are in charge of this program.

Can I earn course credit by participating in this program?

Participants in this program can earn UC credit for the following UC course(s):

  • INTB5018
  • INTB5030

What amenities are provided?

  • Housing / Accommodations
    Housing with host families in Toulouse. Modest, two star hotel in Barcelona

  • Meals
    Breakfast and dinners Sunday evening - Friday morning are provided with host family in Toulouse. Breakfast is included with the hotel in Barcelona

  • Transportation
    Local transportation, subway, trains and buses will be taken in Europe.

How much will it cost to participate?

  • Tuition
    UC tuition for 6 credit hours

  • Room & Board
    $1500 program fee covers housing with host family, hotel in Barcelona, train from Toulouse to Barcelona, one group dinner, transportation to company and site visits

  • Airfare
    @$1200 (estimated - purchased individually)

  • Other Costs
    $800 meals on your own at $40/day * 20 days

  • Total Costs
    UC International block grant ($400) awarded on your student bill
    Lindner International grant ($300) awarded on your student bill
    Total $2000

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