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Apply to become an Overseas Representative

**At this time the University of Cincinnati is not expanding our agent network. If you would like to fill out the online application so you are in the queue when we resume signing new agents, you are more than welcome to do so.**

The University of Cincinnati has a formal application process for agencies wishing to become approved representatives.UC maintains a high profile role in “the agent movement” in the U.S.and we are inundated with agent requests. Therefore, agency appointments are selective. We also co-founded the American International Recruitment Council (http://airc-education.org/) and have a strong preference for agents that have achieved AIRC certification, or at least applied to AIRC for consideration. In addition, our standard contract calls for agencies to receive 9% of the paid tuition for the first year the student is enrolled at UC. We will not sign any agencies that do not accept these terms or that require additional marketing fees from their partners. Further, our primary focus is recruiting incoming freshmen students. Your agency must be able to demonstrate the ability to recruit undergraduate students as part of the application and review process.

Despite some of these complicating factors, we do have many positive things to offer our agents – such as being a large university with hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate programs – offering scholarship assistance to qualifying international students (UC Global Scholarship -http://admissions.uc.edu/international/finance/scholarship.html), and having a well established business model for working with agents.

If your application is approved to serve as an overseas representative for UC a single staff person will be given login credentials for our UCosmic system. With that login the person will need to keep data on your agency up to date (contacts, branches, etc.). This login will also be used for quarterly commissions. Please identify a person who will have direct responsibilities for these functions and provide us with the details we need create a login for him/her.


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Do you have branch offices in addition to your headquarters (If yes please list information on your top three branches) required
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(If yes, you may be asked to provide additional information regarding these companies and your working relationship).
Please describe how you heard about the University of Cincinnati and why you want to represent us

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