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Overseas Representative Details

Company Name Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd.
Owner/CEO Chenggang Zhou
Email zhouchenggang@xdf.cn
Contract Expiration Date
Office Phone Number +861062605599
Mobile Number +8615810789528
Fax Number +861062605260
Agency Code
Person Responsible for Contract details Shanshan Wang
Email wangshanshan13@xdf.cn
Userid Expires on 9/25/2015
Commission Agent Name Yuhang Xue
Commission Agent Email xueyuhang@xdf.cn  
Client Manager Name:
Added by:
Address Line1 Floor 7,No 6,Haidian Middle Street, Haidian District
City Beijing
Postal Code 100080
Country China
Website http://liuxue.xdf.cn/en_site/

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