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The University of Cincinnati will be closed until 11AM Thursday 3/5/15 due to the inclement weather.  Classes are canceled, and all offices -- with the exception of those noted in the UC emergency closing policy (University Rule 30-16-01) -- will be closed.  

Students at the Academic Health Center should follow their college’s inclement weather plan.

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Branch Office Information

Branch Name Oceanic Consultants
Office Number 91 44 4299 8000
Mobile Number N/A
Fax Number 91 44 4299 8001
Address Line1 3c-3d, kaba plaza (adjacent adyar police station) 57 LB Road

City Adyar
Postal Code 600 020
Country India
Website www.oceanicconsultants.com
Email adyar@oceanicconsultants.com