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15 in 15 Initiative

Students at Convocation Event

15 in 15: Things to Do in the Next 15 Weeks

Welcome Weekend is only the start—your exploration of UC is just beginning!  We strongly encourage you to use this list of suggestions to guide your continuing learning about life as a Bearcat throughout the fall semester.

Click here to start your journey and discover the 15 in 15!

Take the Photo Challenge

We want to see your point of view! Join the 15 in 15 photo challenge today! Let’s show the world what it’s like to be a Bearcat, make sure you use the hashtag #MYUC14 to help us create the social media yearbook for 2014!

1.       Take a selfie with you and your academic advisor!

2.       Show us your best library picture (books, sculptures, computers, ect.)

3.       School Spirit

4.       Make a human pyramid with your friends

5.       Res Hall Happenings

6.       Shuttle Life (BTS)

7.       Rep your college

8.       Study Time

9.       Hi Mick, Hey Mack

10.     Wish list swag in the bookstore

11.     Take a picture with the Bearcat (real, mascot or statue)

12.     Hashtag History…Taft or Oscar

13.     Dining Hall Days

14.     Justice (the common reading) and Me

15.    Take a Picture with your favorite animal at the zoo. **Note: DO NOT go into zoo enclosures; take the picture in/from permissible            areas only!